Top 10 Lifestyle Planning Questions For Baby Boomers


What Is Lifestyle Planning? Lifestyle Planning is about getting your balance in life right in retirement. It is about knowing what your values are and what you want to achieve in your retirement years. If you saw the movie “The Bucket List” you will know what I mean. If you didn’t see it I recommend […]

How Smartwatches Can Help Improve Your Health

Smartwatches also improve your well-being by giving you access to apps designed around specific health conditions like diabetes. They also grant you access to tons of fitness, dieting, and mental health apps that encourage us to maintain a healthy lifestyle more conveniently than ever. Here are four ways smartwatches are improving our health.     Smartwatches have […]

Keeping Senior Loved Ones Close When a Physical Visit Isn’t Possible


On a typical day, the average person doesn’t think about how it feels to go days with little human connection or interaction. With most of our communities practicing social distancing to stunt the spread of COVID-19, we are gaining a new level of empathy for what many older adults face every day. According to the […]

Special Health Benefits That Address Life’s Challenges


If you’ve ever struggled to find a ride to a doctor’s appointment, or gone without healthy food in your home, or been isolated from family and friends for a long time — you’re not alone. Humana recognizes these situations are barriers to good health — especially as we age — and provides benefits in its […]

How to Begin Making Money Online and Become Location Independent

encoredays growth

Ever wanted just to be yourself? Becoming location independent is a life goal for many. For some, it’s about having the flexibility to choose later in life. Either way, making money online by starting a freelance business is the easiest way to ensure a future of freedom for you and your family. Here is a […]