Creator Publication

Please focus on topics suitable for the wider, mature audience group. (Examples: financial management, mental health, travel, spiritual inspirations, general health and exercise, etc.)


Please include the following information in your email, and send your publication to
  1. Your full legal name (a pen name can be used for your publication)
  2. Your pen name (if applicable)
  3. Your email address
  4. Brief personal background information, particularly if you are writing a piece related to your industry. (For example, if you’re currently employed, please provide the industry and line of work in which you are engaged; for students, please provide the department or major in which you study)
  5. A short self-introduction (about 150 words)
  6. Attach the file of your proposed piece directly to your email
  7. Please note in the body of the email if you are an Encore Creator
Encore editors will review and evaluate the appropriateness of the article, and prepare an introduction and revised title before publishing.


If you do not receive a notification of publication from the Encore editor after five business days, your submission will not be published.