Can Green Tea Help To Reduce Stress?


Green tea is noted to have many health benefits, such as weight loss, skin health or even giving you an energy boost but could it also help you manage your stress? If you are looking for an easy way to reduce stress, you may want to try drinking some green tea. There are many benefits […]

10 Reasons Why you Need a Good Sleep?


A good night’s sleep is as equal as to that of your health. It is equally efficacious as that too the healthy eating and exercising. There are a lot of reasons that can interfere with natural sleep patterns.   Poor sleep directly affects weight People who sleep less tend to gain more weight. People who sleep […]

Keeping Senior Loved Ones Close When a Physical Visit Isn’t Possible


On a typical day, the average person doesn’t think about how it feels to go days with little human connection or interaction. With most of our communities practicing social distancing to stunt the spread of COVID-19, we are gaining a new level of empathy for what many older adults face every day. According to the […]

Special Health Benefits That Address Life’s Challenges


If you’ve ever struggled to find a ride to a doctor’s appointment, or gone without healthy food in your home, or been isolated from family and friends for a long time — you’re not alone. Humana recognizes these situations are barriers to good health — especially as we age — and provides benefits in its […]

Yoga Poses For Relieving Gas And Bloating


If you’re looking to relieve gas and bloating, try these five yoga poses that have been shown to be effective at reducing abdominal discomfort after eating as well as the pressure of trapped gas in your abdomen. If you’re looking to relieve gas and bloating, try these five yoga poses that have been shown to […]

How To Deal With Acne And Pigmentation For Dry Skin


Acne and pigmentation are welcomed by none. And for those with Dry skin, dealing with this could be no less than an unpleasant dream. Dry skin is the most sensitive of all skin types. This makes it more prone to rashes, acne, dark spots and pigmentation. Exposure to UV rays and free radical damage results […]

What Should Be Your Pre-Workout And Post-Workout Meals or Snacks?


What should be your pre-workout and post-workout meals or snacks? There is a lot of myth around, the pre-workout meal and the post-workout meal when you work on your fitness goals, and as they say, food is fuel for our body. This article will be going to explain you the difference between pre- and post-workout […]

Expert Offers Tips to Boost Your Immunity


The ongoing pandemic has highlighted the importance of keeping your immune system strong and healthy, according to Leonard A. Farber, MD, a healthcare executive and expert in emerging technologies and their impact on public health. A Weak Immune System A weak immune system increases your risk not only for developing illness, but for a more […]

Top 5 Trends That Are Changing The Health Industry


Health trends can be defined as the most popular and emerging ways of staying healthy in the present time. They are not just based on one individual’s preference or opinion, but they are also dependent on what the media says and how much it influences people.   Health trends can be defined as the most […]