Top 10 Travel Tips for Kashmir

Kashmir is one of the most visited tourist spots in India and if you are traveling to the place you need to keep in mind a few travel tips. These include bringing your own first-aid kit, proper woolen clothes, self-identification documents, and every essential thing that you need every day or might require during your vacation in Kashmir.

Kashmir is rightly regarded as a ‘Paradise on Earth’ and has been the most breathtaking spot for tourists in India for many years now. You can enjoy the great beauty and attractions of the state while on a vacation to the area. Every year and in all seasons,Guest Posting you can find tourists coming here to enjoy the gardens, lakes, trees, and wetlands of the valley. It can be extremely pleasant for you to make a trip to Kashmir and enjoy the various beauties that the place has on offer for trippers. However, there are some tips that you need to follow while you are thinking of traveling to Kashmir.





Choose the popular or not-so-popular season

Choose the season that is popular or not-so-popular, as per your preferences. Kashmir has enjoyable weather in the spring and summer months. These are the times when most tourists come to the place. However, if you love snow and wish to enjoy the cold weather, you can visit Kashmir in the winter season. So you have to make arrangements according to your wish.


Travel agent

If you wish to make an arranged trip at all steps of the journey, you need to get in touch with a travel agent and get the maximum fun and experience from your trip without any need to pack your belongings when your trip comes to an end. This is required even more if you are a foreigner who is traveling to India. The travel agent will arrange everything for you and you will not have to take care of any specific aspect of your trip. You will have nothing more to do than enjoy the natural beauties and local attractions and take part in the most exciting activities that the place has on offer for trippers.





Kashmir has an extremely healthy climate but many foreign, as well as domestic tourists, fall ill in the cold weather of the place. As a visiting tourist, you need to get shots for Typhoid, Influenza, Malaria, and Hepatitis A & B – which are some of the most common ailments in India. Those with cardiac problems and hypertension are advised not to travel to higher altitudes. Ask your physician to provide you with some preventive medications if you are making a trip to Kashmir. It is a good idea to take only boiled or bottled water when you are traveling to India.


Document & Identification

While going on a trip to Kashmir, you need to take all the necessary papers and documents that can help you identify yourself. Bring along license tickets, visa, and all other permits that you can lay your hands on in order to prove your identity during military security checks. You need them on your person at all times. You should remember to take along sufficient documents when you are traveling to Kashmir as the place is strife-torn. Do not forget to take along your ATM card and credit cards so that you can use them in case of monetary problems.




Warmth clothes

As Jammu & Kashmir is located at an extremely high altitude, do not forget to carry some warm clothes. The region has a chilly climate in the winter months and in some places, the temperature can fall below 0 degrees. While the summers are quite enjoyable, the weather is colder than that of other regions of India.


Toiletries and trimmings

You should also remember to bring your toiletries and trimmings as it can be difficult for you in very cold weather to go outside and make the purchase of such items.




Daily supplies

Do not forget to take along body creams, shaving kit, proper footwear, and other items that you require on a daily basis.


First-aid kit

Also, take a first-aid kit while you are traveling to the place. Bring some medicines that you require every day as well as essential medicines such as anti-nausea pills, anti-allergic pills, and other prescription and over-the-counter drugs that can be essential. These can be very useful in case you fall ill at the place.






Take along guidebooks and travel books to use as reference materials. These will help you know about local people and their customs.



Do not do anything that may offend the sensibilities and traditions of the local people. Remember to dress and behave in an appropriate manner. When in doubt, consult some local guide or registered government authorities.


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