Sydney’s Top Attractions to Gift your Special Someone

Discover some top Sydney attractions to give to your special someone including harbour cruises, cooking classes, hot-air balloon rides and so on!

Looking for the ultimate present to give your special someone? Treat him/her to some unforgettable experiences in Sydney,Guest Posting whether you’re looking for a Christmas present for your mum, anniversary ideas, unconventional birthday gifts or gifts for your friends. Sydney, the vibrant capital of NSW is built on an incredible harbour and is easily one of the best cities in the whole of Australia.  Unique landscapes, incredible beaches, New Year’s fireworks, impressive wildlife and iconic landmarks, all make for a brilliant setting to offer some of the best gifts. Whether your recipient is a local or a visitor, they will surely be stunned with the experiences Sydney has to offer.

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Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

Sydney’s incredible harbour is one of the best in the world and is home to numerous exciting attractions and experiences. Whether you’re a resident or a first-time visitor to the Emerald City, a cruise across the harbour is an idyllic way to soak in some mesmerising sights. A cruise as a gift guarantees to be the perfect experience in Sydney, offering unparalleled views of the harbour icons, Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge along with other attractions, as you traverse across the calm waters. Indulge in freshly prepared dishes and pair it with tasty drinks and beverages from the fully licensed bar. These purpose-built cruises can also be used as birthday gift vouchers if you’re looking to impress someone for their special occasion. So enough with the hold up, get your vouchers now!

Macaron Making Class (For Two)

For most people on the planet special occasion calls for some drinking and pubbing and even though drinking out with your favourite group of people is fun, there is nothing new or unique about it. How about learning the fine art of macaron making from Sydney’s best macaron makers? Mak Mak’s sweet delicacies were recently recognised as one of Sydney’s best in a blind tasting by a few prominent chefs. These excellent-quality macarons are distinguished by their unique flavour and texture as well as a devotion to using the highest quality ingredient. Learn how to create these sweet savouries in a two-hour interactive session which involves a live cooking demo and masterclasses where you will work crafting your own macarons with someone you love.

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Byron Bay Experience Gifts

Who doesn’t love a nature retreat and an escape from the city’s busy sounds? Despite being a tourist attraction, Byron Bay is one of the most underrated destinations in New South Wales. Boasting plenty of scenic landscapes, unique flora and fauna and enchanting water bodies, this is the perfect destination to impress your giftee. There are numerous experiences to give your special someone including a one and a half hour horse riding which will let you enjoy a glimpse of the area’s wilderness through a magnificent forest trail. Another must-do experience here is paddling through the tides in a sea kayak and riding the bay’s famous waves. This is also a great opportunity to come in contact with the local wildlife, namely the sea turtles and bottlenose dolphins!

Hot-air Balloon Ride

By now you may already know that Sydney has more than just one once-in-a-lifetime experiences! One such experience is the hot-air balloon ride over the Camden Valley with one of the chief operators in the region. A scenic escape for city dwellers, this one-hour ride is the perfect way to enjoy the picturesque landscape of Sydney’s splendid Macarthur region, a hidden gem just 50 minutes off from the city Central Business District. Step down from the ride and round off your experience with a champagne breakfast at Rydges Campbelltown. Now doesn’t that sound like the best birthday gift ever?!

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