Some Places to have fun on a New year’s Eve

At the end of the year, everyone was all expected the coming of new year, so do us, let’s take a look at how the author recommend us where to visit!

Try visiting as many places as possible. Because every ground has a story to tell you. Here are some of the spots to have fun with your friends and family. Make memories, experiences, and lessons from every trip.

Hello my folks!

Welcome back to my Sydney Stories.

Well,Guest Posting well well… I have something that is so overwhelming to tell you.

I am literally amazed by your response to my writings. I was doubting myself but you guys proved that I’m wrong. Thank you for all those amazing responses. Many of you asked why I am so into Sydney and enquired what that is so consumes me in Sydney. Some of them (those recent followers in the list) checked my tour history and requested me to tell something about my first trip experiences. Yeah… Sure. Why not?!

Sydney Opera House, Sydney Australia

(Photo/ Unsplash)

So today’s blog is a walk through my memories… Recollections or glimpses from my first trip experience. Those who came late to my space and really wanted to explore more… This is for you.


Sydney, the Capital of New South Wales

Yaas! Sydney, the capital of the state of New South Wales was my first and the most favourite trip (now you know… Sydney is more like a first-born!). I was flown to Sydney with my school besties when I was 20 (I was a travel enthusiast from a very young age). It was for a New Year’s Day party (2006, I guess. Huh… Did I just reveal my age?! Damn! I was not planning to). Well, we had spent almost a week in the Sydney domain. Believe me, the New Year’s Eve fireworks cruise in Sydney Harbour was the best I had so far. We get onboard in an authentic paddle wheeler that has a spectacular cabaret show by an Australian cast. It was an all inclusive package, I remember. We had cruise, entertainment, amazing Sydney Harbour views, fun, deluxe five course dinner, and drinks from that New Year’s Eve cruise around Sydney Harbour. If you haven’t been to Sydney, grab your seats for the next New Year’s Eve party. So, Sydney is all about fireworks, colours, entertainment, the blue ocean, sunshine, cruising restaurants, and fun for me (honestly, which is unique and unequalled).

aerial photography of bridge

(Photo/ Unsplash)

The Island of Mauritius

Have you ever been to Mauritius? Mauritius is an Indian Ocean Island nation well-known for its beaches, coloured sand, cultural diversity, colonial history and so on. I spent almost a month on this rich island as part of an NGO campaigning that I am very proud about. I got a chance to hang out with a set of cool, serene people. We all visited Chamarel Coloured Earth Geopark in Mauritius. Amazed? Well…Continue! It is a natural phenomenon which is very unique to the land of Mauritius. Some reaction between basaltic lava to clay minerals resulted in this phenomenon which turned out to be one of the main tourist attractions in Mauritius. It is a small area of sand with seven different colours. But the visitors are not allowed to play with this coloured Earth. But you can definitely play with some giant tortoises who are roaming around the adjacent playground. There is a lot more to tell about the Mauritius trip. Maybe I can write something later about the whole Mauritius thing without fail (I promise! I’m not lying).

aerial photography of island beside body of water

(Photo/ Unsplash)

I was thinking about how privileged I am to travel around the globe, to have money to spend on, to taste distinct signature cuisine of many continents and countries, to have some amazing set of new travel buddies, and all. It is okay if you haven’t outpoured the energy of a travel enthusiast in you. Because, I am damn sure of the fact that if you are a travel enthusiast, you will not be in that state of hibernation for so long. You can definitely explore the world that you are longing to.


If you are not that into a solo trip, and have no hesitation to have a travel partner, try adding someone who is not privileged as you are for the next time. I promise the trip will be a memorable one. Share love my folks.

I will catch you later…

See You!

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