Vacay in Style! 4 International Travel Tips to Ensure Your Comfort and Safety

Your job is sending you off into international waters to reach out to some of the customers they have there. You’re both honored and excited to accept the task but there is one problem. You’ve never had to travel so far away from home and you’re nervous.

You’ll be fine if you’ve got some basic planning skills and know-how to keep yourself safe. If you’re not so knowledgeable in either of these areas don’t worry. We can help you out.



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Here are five international travel tips that will help you get around in all the safety and comfort that you have back at home.


1. Grab a Hotel Business Card

You’ve gone through the booking hotel process and are handed your keys. Before you head up to your room, grab a business card from the front that’s written in the local language. This gives you something that you can show your taxi driver rather than try to give them the address of your hotel in English.

While a large bit of the world does speak English, you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to getting lost.


2. Six-Month Passport Rule

If you’re traveling within the US, for the most part, your passport will be good up until the date of expiration. A lot of countries work a bit differently though. There are some that will deny you entry if your passport is even 6-months away from its expiration date.

Even if your itinerary set for only a two-week trip, they want to make sure that if you were to get stuck for some reason you would have a way to get back to the US.



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3. Having Cash

Your bank will charge you an arm and a leg to take money out of your account from an ATM that’s overseas and out of their service network. You can get cash out at the airport but then you run the risks that come with traveling to a new location with a stack of cash in your pocket.

That’s never a good idea, especially if you’re traveling alone. Open a separate checking account with a bank that won’t charge you as much to take out cash and transfer your travel expenses into it.


4. Medicine

Bring any medications that you think you’ll need with you on your trip. Sure, most countries have a drug store but you don’t want to have to waste time translating your condition to a store clerk late at night when they are about to close.

On a different but related note, have your doctor write you a refill for any prescriptions that you’re taking so you can get a full bottle to take with you.



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International Travel Tips to Keep You Comfortable and Safe

Are you about to do a little international travel? It can be scary if you’re going alone but you don’t have to go alone.

Carry these international travel tips with you so you know what to do in a pinch. Travel safe and travel comfortably.




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