4 Amazing Tourist Attractions You Absolutely Need to Visit When Traveling to Kashmir

A trip to India would not be complete without taking the time to also visit the wonderful Kashmir countryside. From the beautiful fields covered in flowers to the breathtaking Kashmiri villages where traditional wooden houses with colorful rooftops make for a breathtaking view.

There are many beautiful things you can see when visiting here. However,Guest Posting there are a lot more tourist attractions you can check out in Kashmir and if you want this vacation to be the best you’ve ever been on, then make sure you visit each and every one of the following tourist attractions.

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SonmargTranslated into English, Sonmarg means Meadow of Gold and it’s located a few miles away from the Zoji La pass. This place is also a popular route that many people and tourists alike use in order to traverse to Ladakh (which a popular region here). Abundant with a wide range of beautiful colored flowers, this place is mostly popular for its far reaching and undulated trekking routes which pass through many tourist spots, including the Gangabal and Vishansar lakes.

There are also many lakes that have their confluence here and some streams also meet with the Sind River. However, of all the lakes you’re going to see here, Lake Vishansar is the most popular one. Located at an altitude of 13280 feet above sea level, it offers amazing views once you reach the meadow’s top. To best experience the beauty of this place, it’s recommended that you visit it from June through October and December through January if you like snow.

GulmargGulmarg means Meadow of Flowers and boy does it live up to its name. This is a beautiful hill station with vibrant flowers that contrast beautifully against the backdrop of snowy mountain peaks. Not only is this place popular among those who love to have an unforgettable picnic while being surrounded by thousands of flowers and natural beauty, but if you like cable cars, Gulmarg has the longer such system in Asia. Other things you’ll be able to enjoy her include skiing and taking long walks through the meadows to name a few.

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PahalgamPopular thanks to its rich vegetation and fertile region (with conifer forests making for a large part of it) the hilly area of Pahalgam offers the chance for a really special vacation. From water rafting to canoeing, trekking and horseback riding, there are plenty of fun activities you can engage in while visiting here. On top of that, if you want to relax and forget about the stress of daily life back home, the natural landscape and beautiful meadows of Pahalgam are the perfect setting to make you feel liberated from your problems. Other great places you may want to visit here include the Betab and Aru valleys, but also the Tulian and Baisarn lakes.

SrinagarSrinagar is best known for its chameleonic landscape, but also its serene lakes and lush gardens. Given these natural beauties, it’s best that you visit the place in the summer season. Enjoy a shikhara ride on the Nagin or Dal Lake or be mesmerized by the picturesque snow-clad beauty of the Hari Parbat hill. Of course, the things you can and see do here certainly don’t stop there. Other places you may want to check out include the Old City monuments (including the Rozabal Shrine, Khanqah and Dastgir Sahib to name a few), the Shankaracharya Hill and the Mughal Gardens.

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Whether you’re visiting to Kashmir for the first time or have already been here a few times, its picturesque landscapes coupled with its serene lakes and wide variety of things to do is going to make you come back here time and time again.

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