5 Ways to Improve Communication Skills


Every aspect of your work requires communication, and it has a direct impact on how effectively you can do your obligations. The importance of communication skills is shown by the fact that effective communication is one of the qualities of excellent leaders. It is a sign of poor communication skills when people choose texting to […]

Keeping Senior Loved Ones Close When a Physical Visit Isn’t Possible


On a typical day, the average person doesn’t think about how it feels to go days with little human connection or interaction. With most of our communities practicing social distancing to stunt the spread of COVID-19, we are gaining a new level of empathy for what many older adults face every day. According to the […]

How To Adjust to A New Life When Your Kids Have Moved Out of The Nest


To be an empty nester, living in one’s own house after the children have gone out is the hardest place to be Taking a journey with a loved one or a close friend might help you escape the confines. Children, they grow up so fast! Once in your arms, your beloved children are now searching […]