Why should you buy Indian toys for learning?

Digitisation has changed the way we live. Similarly,Guest Posting child’s play has also witnessed a new dimension. Children today are glued to gadgets from a young age, partly for studying and other times for playing games. This has taken out the sheer happiness and joy that traditional playtime gives.

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It has also impacted their social skills and bonding. It is important to find an alternative to this for restoring their innocence and wellbeing. The solution lies in our childhoods. The simple times where Indian toys sparked excitement. These playthings came with nature inspiration and cultural influences. They still offer many benefits for new-age kids.

Unstructured play: Most high-tech toys come with features that make them engaging. However, they act as tools of entertainment and lack child-led play. The traditional playthings change this. With them, children get to take the lead. It creates endless possibilities for them. As a result, they are not restricted with what the toy does. It is more about them using it as they deem fit.

Safety: Buying toys involves more than just making them fun. Children play with them. Hence, it is essential to ensure they are safe. The telling signs for this are the material, parts, and sharp edges. This causes concern as plastic is a common material used for toy-making. It is a hazardous element if any mishap happens. These problems get resolved with desi toys.

They get made with polished wood with larger parts. Also, they are not readily detachable, which prevents a choking hazard.

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Durability: Nearly all Indian playthings are of wood, which is a hard material. Hence, they are not easily breakable. They can withstand the clunking, throwing, and other harsh treatments of a child. Precisely why they become memories and remain intact even after years. If that is your top concern, you have nothing to worry about with the wooden games.

Cultural awareness: These toys are more than just playthings. They hold cultural significance. Many dancing dolls, channapatna toys, and others have traditional influence. Artisans from all over India use intricate detailing in making them. These hand-made gems are souvenirs to teach kids about Indian culture. They learn about the vibrancy of the artwork and develop respect for the same.

Skill enhancement: Due to open-ended play, kids are more engaged with traditional games. Therefore, they develop hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, etc. These are great brain boosters to make them ready for school years. All these concepts are essential for understanding complex concepts. Therefore, traditional baby learning toys are the best.

toddler holding assorted-color Crayola lot

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Conscious shopping: Many efforts goes into making these toys. Each time you buy them, you are contributing to the economic welfare. The artisans involved in making them get employment opportunities. Plus, these toys last for generations, so there is no wastage of resources. You also make a sustainable purchase that does not involve plastic and other toxic materials.

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