Dying Marriage – Guide for Couples who Care

Is your connection weakening and you have no idea what to do? Read a complete guide on dying marriage, and work out an efficient solution for your problem.

It is well-known that all couples may have definite problems during their life,Guest Posting and it is not surprising. Having fights and quarrels from time to time is okay as it means that you still have feelings. However, if you face difficulties all the time, and indifference keeps growing, then probably you deal with a dying marriage issue. Do you know what is it exactly? This article will provide you with dying marriage signs and ways to cope with the issue.





What is a Dying Marriage?

Were you happy with your beloved and then everything began to change? It is quite a common situation as people can’t have the same relationship all the time. They regularly see ups and downs. If you do not want to mix ordinary problems with more serious difficulties, then explore dying marriage signs.


Low self-esteem

In case you start to feel bad about yourself because of your partner, then you should consider this issue more carefully. Worsening self-esteem is one of the main signs of a dying marriage. When you feel like you do not deserve to be happy, you look not well, your achievements and attempts are worth nothing, then this relationship can’t be fixed easily. You deal with a marriage that is dying every single day.


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When having so many problems and misunderstandings, people start seeking support outside the relationship. This is when you may deal with emotional affairs or even physical cheating. Everything depends on your values and borders. Anyway, if you or your partner began communication with another person who now knows a lot about your marriage and all related problems, then it may signal a dying relationship.


Absence of conflicts

You may notice this sign at the early stages of a dying marriage. You live together but you do not care about each other anymore. Actually, you feel nothing besides total indifference. If you could discuss everything earlier with your perfect match, give arguments, and make certain decisions, then currently, you have no desire to look for compromises. Instead, you choose to act in your own way and keep as far from your partner as it is possible.


A strong control

Being in a healthy relationship means having enough personal space. You trust each other and provide all options so that your partner can feel comfortable with you. In the case of a dying marriage, you notice total control in all areas. Partner may check your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts to see who you are talking with, what communities you join, etc.





You stay only because of the kids

One morning you wake up and realize that you feel nothing toward your spouse and only kids make you stay together. It is very painful but you are not going to take care of your own feelings as your only desire is to decrease the negative impact on your children. At this good minute, you decide to keep marriage and look for some ways to make your family life less stressful at least for some period of time.


How to Help a Dying Marriage?

After identifying a dying marriage, some people realize that they want to save the relationship. It is not surprising as if two people do their best then there is nothing impossible. How to revive a dying marriage? Here are a few effective tips on fixing your relationship asap:


  1. Arrange a sincere conversation. It must be the first thing to do in a dying marriage. You can’t know for sure what your partner thinks until you talk directly. Mind to be sincere and avoid any blame as this conversation will get the opposite effect from that one you have expected. Use “I-statements” instead of “you statements”. Focus attention on the way you feel rather than blame your spouse for everything. Use this conversation as a bridge to a new better level of closeness with your partner.
  2. Set definite goals. In case your spouse realizes current difficulties and is ready to overcome them, then you need to work out a plan on how to save a dying marriage. One of your potential goals may be to spend more time together. In case you can’t leave the kids with somebody else, then you may plan a night date, or spend the weekend at the country house with your children. The point here is to start creating new happy moments together.
  3. Back to your good memories. While making new memories, it is useful to remember previous ones. Recall how everything between you started. There is no doubt that you have what to tell each other, laugh, and hug. With so a busy way of life, people often forget to keep the fire. This way, you may revive your relationship and start to evaluate your family again.
  4. Approach a specialist. If reading dying marriage quotes and remembering good moments do not help you back things to normal, then approaching a specialist may greatly assist you. A professional therapist will listen to both of you and offer an effective strategy on how to save your marriage.





Summing up

Unfortunately, dying marriage is what many couples are facing. Young people do not study this issue at schools or colleges. Therefore, once you deal with a worsening of a relationship that has been so happy recently, you may feel mixed up. Study the above-mentioned signs and ways to cope with this situation. Putting in the mutual effort will help you save your marriage without any doubt.



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