Do You Know The Meaning Of Love? True Love?

What is the meaning of true love?

I have been married for around 40 years to my husband, and let me tell you,

knowing the meaning for the L word has been been a work in progress.

It seems to be ever evolving. An ever learning process.

So what is the meaning?

Here’s six characteristics for our topic.

Love Is Selfless

It is not demanding or greedy. It is selfless and doesn’t want anything in return. People who truly love someone love them for the sake of love, not because the other person will fulfill their needs or wants in some ways. A relationship should be equal on all grounds. However, when it comes to the L word, it is the art of purely giving to the other person and not waiting to receive a reward in return.

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It Is Unconditional

This is another quality of true love. Love is unconditional; otherwise, it’s not love. When you truly love someone, you don’t suddenly stop loving them because of what they said or did. However, many times, a lot of people take advantage of unconditional love. Therefore, it is important to give your unconditional love to someone who deserves it.

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It Is Acceptance

You can’t truly love someone if you don’t accept them for who they are. Many people get into relationships and expect the other person to change. They say they are in love with them and want them to do better. You don’t fall in love with the potential. You fall in love with who the person is at that moment.

So, what is the meaning of love? Well, love is an emotion that binds two people together. Here are a few ways you can define love:

It Is Trust

There is no room for no trust and jealousy in case of true love. If you are protective in a relationship, then it’s good, but if you are overly controlling, then it’s a sign of jealousy, not love. Many young people mistake jealousy for love when it’s an unhealthy trait.

Love is Taking Time

When you truly love someone, you never rush into a relationship. Being in love does not mean getting into a relationship without thinking things through. Analyze what two people have in common, laying the groundwork for something long-term and then gets into a relationship. Getting into a relationship in a matter of weeks after meeting someone you supposedly love doesn’t mean you are in love. It can be a clear sign of infatuation.

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It is To Have No Expectations

Stop expecting anything in return. Love is not a game. There is no give and take in love, and there are no scoreboards. The minute you start keeping score of what your partner does and doesn’t do for you in return, you may not love them. As mentioned earlier, keeping things equal in a relationship is healthy, but doing something just so you can get something in return is not love.

Love is To Solve Problems

When two people are in a relationship, it is easy to get into a conflict. However, true lovers will work as a team and try to solve the problems. When you truly love your partner, you will always see them in a positive light. You will give them room to put forth their point of view so you both can solve the issue.

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