All About the Delicious Combination of Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and waffles, the most popular southern classic dish, originated for the musicians of the Jazz clubs in New York. Many theories and stories explain the origin of this delicious combination. No matter what, chicken and waffles are a staple in Southern cuisine. Let us read on to learn more about this unique combination of sweet and savory dishes that millions relish.

Does the delectable combination of chicken and waffles sound strange to you? It might,Guest Posting to those who have never tried this bizarre creation. It is a dynamic culinary combination that, we insist, you must try before you arrive at the final judgment.


The origin of chicken and waffles

The origin of chicken and waffles dates back to Harlem in the 1930s when a restaurant fixed a special dish for the jazz musicians, who were late for dinner but too early for breakfast. A native of Harlem then brought the recipe to Los Angeles. Therefore began the trend of this signature dish. The dish includes a fluffy base of waffles and fried chicken on top with a drizzle of maple syrup or any other sweet syrup.

The Genesis of a Unique Combination

Most southern people take pride in claiming this recipe as their own. Fried chicken is indeed a southern staple with various restaurants using different styles and recipes. However, it is difficult to trace the origin of waffles to the south. In the 1700s, several restaurants served a combination of sweet and savory dishes that included chicken and hot cakes. There is no evidence of restaurants serving waffles and chicken back in the 1700s. It was a regular custom to mix breakfast cereals with poultry several decades ago. Waffles became popular after the invention of the waffle iron in 1700. It became the most famous dish of southern cuisine. You can find different types of waffles, which vary according to the restaurants and places.

Food historians believe this dynamic combination originated when Thomas Jefferson brought the waffle iron from France after an excursion. Historians believe that the dish is a culinary creation of the Afro-American slaves who used rice batter to make tasty waffles. They would then serve it with fried chicken and sweet syrup.

Chicken and waffle dishes began to evolve in the days that followed. The combination was known as a compromise dish between an early breakfast and dinner. Today restaurants all over the world serve this dish any time of the day. You can find some of the best restaurants that serve chicken and waffles in Albuquerque. There is no specific way of preparing this unique dish as it has different variations. So what makes this dish so popular? Is it the fluffy and crispy waffles or the crispy chicken skin? Is it the warm maple syrup over the fried chicken that satisfies your palate? It is the unparalleled combination of sweet and savory that makes chicken and waffles in Albuquerque so popular. That explains why food lovers consider this dish as soul food! So go ahead and experiment with this delectable combination.

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