The Incredible Benefits of Telehealth Services

More than 37 million Americans have diabetes. Millions more suffer from chronic long-term conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Because it can be so difficult or too expensive to get to the best doctor, so many people do not get the care they need.

But what if you could receive medical care wherever you are at a price that doesn’t break the bank?

With the advent of modern technology, many medical conditions have become more manageable. Seeing doctors through video calls gives people the opportunity to access health care when they otherwise would not. This is why people have come to embrace Telehealth services.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Telehealth and convenient online medical care, then continue reading.

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One of the biggest benefits of Telehealth services is that more people have access to the care they need – not because of insurance or medical aid, but because you do not have to go anywhere to get the patient care you need.

While some people cannot drive because of certain conditions, legal reasons, or because they are not old enough, others may not be able to take time off of work to go to see a doctor. Some parents are not able to leave their homes because of having multiple children when one gets sick, yet the child may need medication to get better.

With Telehealth services, a parent can easily get care for their child or for themselves when life gets busy or stressful. No time needs to be taken off of work as you can find a small conference room to have a quick call with a doctor while on the job. Without no time spent on the commute, you shouldn’t be away from work for too long.


Telehealth services have the ability to reduce costs for both medical practices and the patients they serve.

General expenses like front desk staff, phone answering services, a myriad of employees, and the cost of overhead and rent for a place can go away with Telehealth services. Because the overhead of the services themselves does not cost as much, this can help with patient costs as well.

Some patients also have easier access to Telehealth services through their insurance provider. This may also reduce the costs associated with each visit if there is a set rate for a copay on Telehealth services.

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After going to the doctor, many doctors want to see you for a follow-up to see how you are doing or provide more services if need be.

Sometimes it’s not super easy for a patient to show back up at a doctor’s office every week. Because of this, they may skip it which may cause more issues down the line.

With a check-in over the phone or video check-in on your laptop, it can be much easier to keep tabs on a patient.

Many medical prognoses also need to have constant monitoring to ensure that a patient is on the right medication. Sometimes medication needs to be changed, and monitoring via check-ins is an easy way to keep tabs on this possibility.

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Going to a doctor’s office can create a lot of anxiety for some people, and sitting in the office for 20 minutes to an hour doesn’t help with that. When using telehealth services, you wait for the doctor to show up on camera in the comfort of your own home. You could wait on the couch, at your kitchen table, or even in bed!

Having the ability to relax and be somewhere you feel safe and comfortable makes the entire experience better for everyone.

When you are on the call with the doctor, you have their undivided attention as well. There is no going in and out of the room to get more supplies, but instead, the doctor and patient will have a set amount of time to talk over issues and decide on a course of action.


Have you ever had the experience of going to the doctor’s office only to find out that you need to go to another doctor, yet you still had to pay for the entire visit that told you that?

It’d be much easier if you could bypass that entire situation and see a specialist from the get-go. With fewer doctor’s visits, there is more of a chance that people will seek the help they need because of less hassle and less money spent on visits that were not entirely needed.

However, it is important to note that not all specialists are able to perform what they need through a Telehealth call. But with that said, starting out with Telehealth services to get a better idea of the path forward is more convenient. Then, if you need follow-ups after initial treatment, those can move back onto Telehealth (or every other, too!).

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Some specialists have even moved to Telehealth as well. Alliance members can access dermatology services and nutrition counseling via their Teladoc benefit.


In our increasingly technological world, Telehealth services are arguably one of the most important aspects that have come about from it. Not only does it create better access to patient care, but it also adds the flexibility that so many people need for their follow-up appointments or continued care.


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