6 Ways to Improve Your Emotional Health And Maintain A Balanced Life

Being emotionally healthy does not imply that one is happy all the time. It means you are well aware of your emotions. You can deal with it, whether they are positive or negative.Key Facts of WHO states that the effects of not treating adolescent mental health issues extend to adulthood, impairing both physical and psychological health, and restricting opportunities to live a meaningful life as ad

We take profound care of our physical health by eating right and exercising. However,Guest Posting we fail to realize that taking care of our emotional well-being is as important as taking care of our physical bodies. People who are emotionally healthy and control their thoughts, feelings, and behaviour can easily cope with life’s setbacks. They can keep problems in perspective and bounce back from the setbacks with ease. They feel good about themselves and have good relationships.

Being emotionally healthy does not imply that one is happy all the time. It means you are well aware of your emotions. You can deal with it, whether they are positive or negative.

Key Facts of WHO states that the effects of not treating adolescent mental health issues extend to adulthood, impairing both physical and psychological health, and restricting opportunities to live a meaningful life as adults.

Research by New York City clinical psychologists states that it is much easier to cope with life’s little ups and downs and more significant events when one feels good about oneself. Even when life is balanced, and everything goes smoothly and efficiently, there comes a time when we feel overwhelmed, times when we know we must stop and strive for a greater balance. It is difficult to keep going. However, do not stress if you are in that position; you’re just eventually going to reach there and achieve your goal.

Staying in balance in life looks different for everyone. We all have varied balance preferences, different variables that we deal with, different degrees of imbalance tolerance, and varying resources. Below are several different balancing ideas that help you maintain equilibrium and achieve good emotional health.

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Practising and working on emotional regulation

Emotions get the best and the worst out of you, but gradually learning to handle them effectively through coping strategies can help in the longer run. Figure out what strategy works for you and what does not. There are two types of coping strategies: Emotion-Focused and Problem-Focused Strategies.

Problem-based coping helps you alter the situation by removing a stressful thing from your life. For example, you don’t score so well in your favourite subject during mid-semester exams, and you’re surprised by this because you thought you were performing well. A problem-focused strategy would be going to the teacher concerned and talking about what you can do to improve your performance. You develop a clear plan that will help you do better, and you begin to feel more confident about your ability to succeed well in the end-semester exams.

Emotion-based coping helps you take care of your feelings when you either don’t want to change your situation or when circumstances are out of your control. For example, if you are grieving the loss of a loved one, it’d be crucial to take care of your feelings in a healthy way (since you can’t change the circumstance).

There isn’t always one best way to proceed. Instead, it’s up to you to decide which coping skill is likely to work best for you in a particular situation.

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Take a Day Off 

In the movie Ferris Buller’s Day Off, it is shown how a high school senior makes the most out of his day. I’m sure we all can relate to how essential it is to take one day off from the pressure or monotony of life and do anything possible to make it worthwhile. You can indulge in your favourite hobby, see your long-lost friend, spend time on Netflix watching that series you always wanted to watch, or anything that just feels right, peaceful, and fulfilling.

Manage Your Time Efficiently by Setting Goals 

A schedule can be maintained, and goals can be set for the week. As one crosses off the to-do list tasks, there is a great sense of accomplishment that will help reduce stress and increase confidence.

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Practicing Mindfulness 

Mindfulness is considered an age-old practice. It is being completely aware of what’s happening in the present and going inside and around you. The main idea is to not live your life on “autopilot mode” but becoming a more mindful person.

Here’s how you can practice mindfulness:

  • Practice deep breathing regularly. Focusing on your breath enhances concentration and motivation.
  • Inculcate the habit of walking: As one walks and notices the sights and sounds around, many thoughts enter the mind. An essential practice is to note them but then return to the present.
  • Practicing mindful eating: This includes being aware of the taste, textures, and flavours and stopping when you feel that you’re full, and even listening to your body and acting when you’re hungry

Strengthen Your Connections Socially

Social links help you in protecting your health and lengthen life. It is widely believed that good relationships with others can have powerful effects on our health—both emotionally and physically. Whether it is with our romantic partners, family, friends, neighbours, or others, social connections can directly influence our biology and well-being.

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Keep in Mind your Good Points

We all have our set of strengths and weaknesses, and none of us is perfect either. It is easy to think that others are more talented, more successful, and have more opportunities than us when things don’t go our way. Whatever it may seem like on the surface, it is impossible to know how someone feels inside. One should remind oneself about the things you do well and are best at, eventually balancing out the critical thoughts about yourself. Remember that you are important, and taking good care of your emotional health will ultimately enhance your overall well-being.

In recent times, due to the pandemic, mental health has deteriorated significantly. Research shows that anxiety and depression are on the rise in the general population, with one in three people experiencing anxiety and one in five experiencing sleep disturbance and depressive symptoms. It is inevitable for a human to feel sad, anxious, challenged, frustrated, or simply overwhelmed and unable to cope in these uncertain times.

The need of the hour is to be emotionally healthy, mentally stable, and develop better-coping strategies. You can attain that happiness and holistic wellness you always longed for. Getting an in-depth screening of your mental health will aid you in exploring the areas you need to work on. You can then access self-help tools or book a session with a therapist that can help you to a path of mental well being. The earlier you reach out, the better you feel.

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