Jason Statham “fights” with Megan Fox in the movie “The Expendables Four”


The action-packed trailer begins with Megan, 37, coming residence to Jason, 55, and the atmosphere is flirty however tense. The trailer for Expendables four, which hits theaters this fall, kicks off with Jason Statham and Megan Fox someplace between a relationship and a fist battle over a file. After that we learn that there’s another job for the Expendables, which sends Statham (who seems to be the main character this time around) and crew off to a massive ship to protect the world from nuclear weapons. Assuming a fifth Expendables does happen, the sequence could nonetheless swing back around to this premise. Having Statham and possibly another returning solid member teaming up with a mostly feminine mercenary unit might be exactly the type of shakeup the saga needs. The Expendables four would not have a really excessive bar to leap over to improve on the lackluster third entry, but if it will continue, it must evolve.

Their characters’ cat-and-mouse dialog shortly turns into a sexy and intense struggle over some classified paperwork that Megan brought home, with the duo wrestling over a sofa and around the ground, and even plowing by way of the wall. The battle scene ends with a steamy scene showing Megan mendacity on the ground on her again as Jason straddles her and moves his head down her physique.

And it seems just like the old crew will once again, be saving the world while exhibiting a new group the ropes. In the meantime, take a look at the 2023 film launch dates to plan your subsequent movie experience. She's the ex-girlfriend of Jason Statham's Lee Christmas, and is also a CIA agent. She and Statham are proven performing some horny preventing in the film's trailer, why not?

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