Intercom vs Zendesk What are the differences?

zendesk or intercom

Gorgias seamlessly integrates with powerful e-commerce infrastructures such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Magento for easy setup. Similar to Zendesk, Zoho Desk is a universal customer support tool with great integration capabilities and excellent value for money. With a comprehensive range of features, it enables you to provide exceptional support to your customers across various channels. With Freshdesk, organizations can set up automations to handle specific customer inquiries as appropriate. This includes automatic delivery of help desk tickets to the correct department or agent, prioritization of inquiries based on severity, and escalation of urgent issues. Freshdesk also allows users to customize ticket fields and workflows to suit their specific needs and preferences.

  • This allows all internal teams to remain on the same page when working through a specific customer’s problem.
  • Help Scout, a help desk ticketing system and customer service software solution, is one of the more popular Zendesk alternatives due to the fact that it provides a variety of services to its users.
  • You can set office hours, live chat with logged-in users via their user profiles, and set up a chatbot.
  • In this post, we’ll cover some of our favorite Intercom integrations and explain how you can use them to get the most out of this powerful tool.
  • Negative reviews often mention that Intercom’s ticket management and sorting functionalities are more limited than other solutions on the market.
  • They “integrate” with almost everything (what that even means is many things… does that mean it’ll do what you want it to do? questionable), they have help docs, an included community platform even.

Whenever new features are released (which in some companies happens daily), more data needs labelling and testing is required. Customer support agents may only tag a support ticket with one or two general topics. Other issues mentioned by the customer may be omitted and nuances are lost. Manual tagging is also subjective as agents may interpret the content of tickets differently. When you are talking to customers via the in-app chat, you can type like it’s facebook messenger and it feels natural.

AI Is Key to Elevating CX Quality for Support Channels For…

As with just about any customer support software, you can easily view standard user data within the messenger related to customer journey—things like recent pages viewed, activity, or contact information. Zendesk’s help center tools should also come in handy for helping customers help themselves—something Zendesk claims eight out of 10 customers would rather do than contact support. To that end, you can import themes or apply your own custom themes to brand your help center the way you want it.


The only relief is that they do reach out to customers, but it gets too late. In terms of customer service, Zendesk fails to deliver an exceptional experience. This can be a bummer for many as they can always stumble upon an issue. Don’t worry; we’ve analyzed both the products thoroughly for you.

Zendesk Chat and Intercom Connector Details

You’ll have to to grant us with your Zendesk login credentials to be able to carry out the export. These are required so that our service can reach data from your Zendesk. Our automated tool is consistently tested and upgraded to provide you with the desired results. We have our dedicated team members always ready to support you with any requests you might have.

zendesk or intercom

Clearbit integrates with Intercom to provide users with enriched customer profiles. With this integration, Intercom customers can access Clearbit’s suite of APIs to enrich their customer profiles with additional information such as job title, company size, and industry. This allows them to better segment their audiences and target their messaging more effectively. Pipedrive is a CRM platform that helps sales teams stay organized and focused on their goals. It allows users to create deals, track activities, and manage contacts all in one place. Pipedrive also offers integrations with other popular tools, such as Intercom, to help streamline processes and increase efficiency.

Intercom or Zendesk: Voice and phone tools

Another feature Intercom offers that Zendesk doesn’t is email marketing tools. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers. Both Intercom and Zendesk provide you with their own Operator bot, which immediately suggests relevant material to clients via the chat widget. When it comes to creating an optimum knowledge base experience, both Intercom and Zendesk are excellent choices with similar capabilities for your needs.

zendesk or intercom

When you authorize your Ticksy account to work with Influx, we’ll use this access to read the content of tickets. When you authorize your account to work with Influx, we’ll use this access to read the content of tickets. Freshdesk can be considered a powerful Intercom alternative designed for small businesses. Drift is a close alternative to Intercom because it adds weight to sales and marketing. Besides, plans and licenses can be costly for businesses that want to use Zendesk.

Zendesk Chat and Intercom integration + automation

This differentiates it from Zendesk, which offers a more traditional CRM experience. Intercom’s primary focus is engaging and communicating with customers through live chat, in-app messaging, and email. This makes it a great choice for businesses that want to provide their customers with a more personal experience. Zendesk would be a perfect option for businesses that are searching for a well-integrated support system. It offers a suite that compiles help desk, live chat, and knowledge base to their user base. This enables them to speed up the support process and build experiences that customers like.

How do I switch from Zendesk to Intercom?

Go to Intercom Articles and click “Migrate from Zendesk”. Now enter your Zendesk subdomain and click “Migrate to Intercom”. Note: Your Zendesk articles will be converted into Intercom articles.

This integration allows companies to quickly collect feedback from their customers and use it to improve customer service. For example, with this integration, businesses can ask customers for feedback after they have metadialog.com interacted with customer service representatives or completed a purchase on their website. Experience firsthand how our software can transform your customer support strategy and drive overall business success.

Zendesk or Intercom: Mobile apps

In this case, we’ll see what their similarities and differences are. Honestly, I was really pleasantly surprised by how responsive the company is. I was able to get responses to virtually every question each time I was asking within a few hours, even considering the time zones.

  • When you are talking to customers via the in-app chat, you can type like it’s facebook messenger and it feels natural.
  • One of the weakest points of intercom is that the design is not responsive, therefore accessing the service from mobile devices could be improved.
  • We are compliant with HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, and other key data safety principles.
  • Ticket routing helps to send the ticket to the best support team agent.
  • It is great to have CRM functionality inside your customer service platform because it helps maintain great customer experiences by storing all past customer engagements and conversation histories.
  • Its live chat tool has a lot to offer as well, from automation and canned responses to chat transfers and personalization.

If your team is looking for a robust live chat option to engage website visitors, Olark is the perfect Intercom alternative for you. The bot feeds customers and employees the relevant articles upon making a query. The main difference is its connectivity with the Intercom Team Inbox. This makes things faster for support teams to access information without bothering other users.

Call Center Tools

Overall, when comparing Zendesk to Intercom, Zendesk’s features will probably win out over time. But the most important thing is that you get a help desk that you believe in—and that you integrate it into a website as thoroughly as possible. You can use this support desk to help customers or you can forward potential new users to your sales department. You can create a help platform to assist users in guiding themselves, or you can use AI-enabled responses to create a more “human” like effect.

What is the advantage of Intercom?

As it is a two-way communication device, intercoms also allow the visitor to answer back to you. This way, any dangerous incident of forced entry can be avoided.

Freshdesk is a more unique Intercom alternative, as it offers the functionality to support businesses that use call centers for customer support. They have a nice implementation of live chat in their product as well, it’s actually thoughtful (and further customer-focused). Intercom is a customer messaging platform for sending both automated and live chat messages directly to the customer. Panoply’s Intercom integration makes it possible to load your data directly into your own data warehouse, without an ETL process in place or costly data infrastructure.

What companies use Zendesk?

No matter how a customer contacts your business, your agents will have access to the tools and information they need to continue and close conversations on any channel. To sum up this Intercom vs Zendesk battle, Zendesk is a great customer support oriented tool which will be a great choice for big teams with various departments. Intercom feels more wholesome and is more customer success oriented, but can be too costly for smaller companies. Just like Zendesk, Intercom also offers its own Operator bot, which will automatically suggest relevant articles to customers right in a chat widget.

zendesk or intercom

Using this, agents can chat across teams within a ticket via email, Slack, or Zendesk’s ticketing system. This packs all resolution information into a single ticket, so there’s no extra searching or backtracking needed to bring a ticket through to resolution, even if it involves multiple agents. When it comes to budgeting, Intercom is one tool that’s better to overestimate than underestimate. This makes it easier to get a more accurate sense of the total cost of ownership, which will increase if you want to leverage the full range of features.

  • In the end, I said to hell with it, and for an experiment I took 3 days off, and just re-wrote 300 Helpcenter articles in intercom as a fresh start.
  • Part of Intercom’s pricing structure is also focused on “people reached”.
  • I’m a Business Development Manager at Vision Point Systems where I lead a variety of efforts in sales, marketing, and technical consultation.
  • Advanced workflows are useful to customer service teams because they automate processes that make it easier for agents to provide great customer service.
  • This way companies can offer a faster and more personal customer experience.
  • And we can help you make an effective transfer of information and move on with your business as soon as possible.

Intercom has a unique pricing structure, offering three separate solutions, each intended for a distinct use case. We wish some of their great features were offered in multiple plans, but none features overlap among plans. Intercom offers admin full visibility and control over all company inboxes, as well as agent access controls and role management. Intercom wins the sales pipeline tools category because its campaigning and sequencing tools integrate all channels and unique services, like carousels and product tours. The ticket display’s Side Conversations tab allows agents to initiate internal conversations via email, Slack, or ticketing system notes–without leaving the ticket. Agents can choose if the message is private or public, upon which a group thread is initiated in the ticket’s sidebar, where participants can chat and add files.

Extensive Growth Opportunities to be Witnessed by Customer Support Chatbot Market by 2023-2030 Ada, Intercom – openPR

Extensive Growth Opportunities to be Witnessed by Customer Support Chatbot Market by 2023-2030 Ada, Intercom.

Posted: Mon, 15 May 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Zendesk is a great and robust support too, but is Intercom a replacement for Zendesk in terms of functionality? Keeping this general theme in mind, I’ll dive deeper into how each software’s features compare, so you can decide which use case might best fit your needs. Understanding these fundamental differences should go a long way in helping you pick between the two, but does that mean you can’t use one platform to do what the other does better?

zendesk or intercom

AI and ML make customer service functionalities like chatbots, sentiment analysis, ticket creation, and workflow automation possible. All these features are necessary for operational efficiency and help agents deliver fast, personalized customer experiences. Users build chatbots to automatically route customer conversations and streamline customer support processes. The application features a dedicated knowledge base or user community to resolve customer issues. Additionally, Zoho Desk’s mobile app allows agents to manage customer requests anytime, anywhere. The application, which has similar features to Intercom, has more economical plans.

Zendesk to cut about 300 jobs globally, impacting Dublin HQ – SiliconRepublic.com

Zendesk to cut about 300 jobs globally, impacting Dublin HQ.

Posted: Wed, 09 Nov 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Is Zendesk better than Intercom?

Zendesk is billed more as a customer support and ticketing solution, while Intercom includes more native CRM functionality. Intercom isn't quite as strong as Zendesk in comparison to some of Zendesk's customer support strengths, but it has more features for sales and lead nurturing.

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