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Greetings all! Want to get an Amazon gift card? If so, then I have a promotion for you.

I am currently working with Encore, a new social media platform from Taiwan designed for ages 40+ and based around content creation and connections. They are looking to expand their app into the US, and that’s where you come in. Right now, they want to invite new users to try the recently launched US app.

Follow the link here to find out more information. Let’s build up this community together!


Information Gathering Platform

In order to invite more people to use the Encore app, we have a promotion now! If you post only 4 times during the next month, we will send a $15 Amazon gift card on the 15th of the next month. It’s so easy! Can’t want to start your post? You can apply on the Google form right now. We will get back to you soon! After you receive our email, then you can start posting!


Promotion Overview

Encore is a startup created to cater to the 40+ age group. Our goal is to provide a unique platform for this community to create content and share experiences. After launching in Taiwan, we now want to bridge into the US.

It is our hope that Encore will allow mature adults to spark new inspirations, expand their social circles, and cultivate their interests. Our app is being updated and improved every day, and we hope you use it to facilitate meetups, groups, organizations, and workshops to continue your growth.

If you are interested in joining this promotion, please refer to the following information.



Guidelines and Requirements:

  • Rules:
    Do you like hiking? Create a circle or join a pre-existing one and show off your favorite hiking moments. What about food? Let’s see the tastiest cuisines you have experienced. Pick up a category to engage in and start sharing. And of course, you have to comply with the norms on our official website : https://encoredays.com/en/events-rules-and-guidelines/


  • The name of the event and the cover image of the event shall not contain any content that violates the following regulations, including:
  1. No cover image of the event.
  2. 18+ prohibited words and content, including bloody imagery, violence, and other such contents.
  3. Illegal direct marketing activities, such as trying to attract membership or subscriptions to the enterprise’s own products.
  4. Illegal gambling information. For example, the illegal establishment of entertainment venues or illegal entertainment behaviors.
  5. Any information that is illegal or easily questioned by users. Encore reserves the right to explain the definition of what is easily questioned by users.
  6. Regarding different regulations of the tourism industry in different countries, it is not allowed to put up package tours, such as multi-stopping (including transportation, accommodation, and itinerary) on the Platform.



Not sure where to start? That’s ok! Let us tell you how Encore works.

When you join our app, you are invited to join a circle. These circles are user-created communities based around interests, hobbies, or more. The more circles you join, the more content you can see and post.

You can start by browsing existing circles and deciding which ones you want to join. Or maybe you want to create your own circle and start a community yourself. Whether you join a circle or start your own, we want you to share your own experiences. Do you like hiking? Show off your favorite hiking moments. What about food? Let’s see the tastiest cuisines you have experienced. Perhaps you want to learn more about investing? Share your tips for investing and retirement.

Gift Card Delivery:

We will collect all posts on the last day of the month. When we make sure all content is posted, we will send an email to notify you and send the Amazon Gift Card to you.


Please contact us at service.us@encoredays.com if you have any questions.


We look forward to seeing your experiences!

Encore, living your best all over again.

Join or start a community based on your interests. 


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