6 Best Remote Jobs for College Students

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Remote Jobs for College Students

Although the videos we watch online often feel seamless, they require a lot of time and effort to create. This work usually falls on video editors, who assemble footage to compose videos that feel cohesive. Virtually every business needs to share information with clients in the form of webpages, blog posts, and marketing materials. As a content writer, you can help organizations define their brand, while also writing about topics that interest you. As an app tester, you’ll help companies evaluate the functionality of their applications, identifying issues with their products.

Director, Client Support – Student (Remote)

However, if you have relevant work experience in manufacturing or production, this will be beneficial to your work as a 3D printer. You can get projects and plans online and resell them to start earning money right away. Thinkific (You can read my full Thinkific review here that explains why it’s my favorite online course platform) has a super detailed guide on how to create and sell courses online. It contains the step-by-step method for publishing a successful online course, starting with topic ideation to building an audience and marketing your course. Setting on Etsy isn’t as complex as most people make it out to be.

Remote Jobs for College Students

His services include recording, editing, mixing, mastering, cleaning, and repairing audio and dialogue for podcasts, films, and video games, including those on Steam. He charges $50 an hour and has done over 43 jobs on the platform with total earnings of $4000. Customer service agents are also crucial employees for businesses, as they answer clients’ questions and help address problems that arise. Moreover, these positions provide students with valuable customer service experience that will be useful in a variety of career paths. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is one of the high-paying remote jobs that most finance coaches often recommend. Moreover, it’s the best option if you’re looking for a high-paying remote job that will be a steady source of income.

Online Jobs for College Students – Additional Resources

Of all the online jobs for college students, virtual assistant positions may be the most diverse. Virtual assistants do everything from customer service and clerical work to social media management. For that reason, virtual assistant positions are wonderful opportunities to gain professional experience in a variety of fields. And, it’s easier than ever to break into the world of writing online for money. Check out sites like Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr in order to view short and long-term freelance writing jobs with companies looking for articles, website copy and sometimes even books. The longer answer is yes, but it isn’t likely to happen overnight.

As a video editor, you will be responsible for managing the footage, sound effects, dialogue, and special effects to captivate the watcher. The development field has continued to grow in the past couple of decades and shows no signs of slowing down. So, if you are a computer whizz with the skills to build websites, you can start charging for them today.

000+ Remote Student Jobs in United States

For this reason, app testing is an excellent way to gain technical skills and experience in the tech industry. To become a virtual assistant, you can look at job openings at remote or freelance job portals, such as Zirtual, We Work Remotely or FlexJobs. If you have that skill, you can turn it into money when you sell your notes. Don’t worry — this is all completely legal, and it’s easy to get started. Computers are better than ever at processing data, but they still struggle with turning handwritten documents into digital ones. For this reason, you can still earn decent money doing data entry.

  • The services he offers are results-driven and help customers make the most of their advertising budgets.
  • This is one online job of the most accessible and affordable ways to start making extra money and working on your own schedule.
  • You can get projects and plans online and resell them to start earning money right away.
  • As part of your job, you may be required to translate a wide range of documents, ranging from blog posts to scripts, instruction manuals, e-books, white papers, and so on.
  • It includes editing everything, from full-length books to short articles.

Also be mindful of job search scams, which are becoming more common in the remote work job market. Do you ever scroll through Instagram stories and spot someone you know just living their best life? Influencers are people who have built up a large following on social media by posting content that their followers https://remotemode.net/blog/10-good-remote-jobs-for-college-students/ love. They might be experts at fashion, travel, food or any other topic. And because of their large following, brands will pay them to promote their products or services. A major advantage of working as a freelance transcriptionist is that your earning depends on the number of assignments you take on.

Remote Job Opportunities for College Students

This activity can help students improve their communication skills, become more cautious and tactful, while gaining the ability to manage crises. The communication skills they develop makes this job a valuable experience which can prove useful for both their college life and future career-oriented plans. It is quite possible to find a virtual call center job, also known as a virtual assistant, as an online job. In this article, we have made an account of how university students can both save time and improve their skills very easily, taking advantage of the computers and phones they use every day.

Freelance editing is one of the most diverse and well-paying online jobs for college students. It includes editing everything, from full-length books to short articles. You can also choose to specialize in a particular genre or topic related to your course of studies. If you are skilled at creating unique, handmade products, this is a great online job for college students.

For data entry jobs, you will need to have strong typing skills and written communication knowledge to do this job successfully. Amandine is an example of a successful English tutor who has an hourly job of $35 an hour teaching languages online. On Upwork, she has done a total of 34 jobs, which has earned her over $8,000, and this is likely all a part-time job for her. If you have a particular language in which you excel, you can earn decent money from your skills by getting involved with online tutoring. These days, plenty of apps like Memrise, LinguaLift, and Duolingo make it easy for people to teach languages.

This can be done from an office setting, but also from home, from a dorm room, café or any place equipped with an electronic device and Wi-Fi. Graphic design can be cited as an example of an online job opportunity for college students who are studying or who have some competency in graphic design or in any field related to fine arts. If you’re a people person then working as a customer support agent as a part-time remote job while in college is a great option for you. Most remoter customer support representative positions are able to be performed remotely, making it a great option for when you’re not in class or need a break from studying. Balance Careers notes that Google for Jobs has listings for student customer support jobs. If you know you want to eventually work for a larger corporation such as American Airlines or Frito Lays, for example, try entering the company via a student customer support job.

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