How Retirees Shaped My Attitude About Retirement

The last pharmacy I worked in was the best job I ever had because I was older than many retired customers and what I learned from them forever changed how I felt about retirement. They told me everything about themselves and the world they lived in. I listened intently, asked questions,

What To Look For In Medicare Plans

Now is the time to enroll in a no monthly premium Medical Advantage Plan (MAP) to upgrade your Medical benefits. While some MAPs have a monthly premium, there are enough of them to choose from whereby you don’t need to pay a monthly premium. Medicare Advantage Plan, Part C, came

How to plan for retirement?

In past generations, retirement income was supposed to be taken care of by defined pensions and social security. However, employer defined pensions are a thing of the distant past and our congress will probably tinker with social security making its future uncertain. That puts the onus of retirement planning squarely on each

A Brief History of Food Recipe

The earliest cookbooks were more than just recipe collections. They consisted of detailed instructions for concocting medicines and potions often interspersed with food preparation pointers to fill in a page. Among the oldest surviving recipes are three clay tablets housed in the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. It is

Best Places To Live In The Netherlands

The Netherlands attracts thousands of expats every year, due to it’s stable economy, exceptional education system and great quality healthcare facilities. This led to the country being ranked as the top place to live for expat families, by the World Economic Forum, back in 2018. If you’re looking moving to the

6 Ways to Improve Your Emotional Health And Maintain A Balanced Life

Being emotionally healthy does not imply that one is happy all the time. It means you are well aware of your emotions. You can deal with it, whether they are positive or negative.Key Facts of WHO states that the effects of not treating adolescent mental health issues extend to adulthood,

A Guide To Selecting The Best Running Shoes For All Seasons

The way that you purchase shoes to wear for work or leisure is dependent on how much you will be using them and in what environment. For example, if you are running outside, you will need a shoe with a lot of shock absorption and cushioning. If, however, you work inside

5 Ways to Improve Communication Skills

Every aspect of your work requires communication, and it has a direct impact on how effectively you can do your obligations. The importance of communication skills is shown by the fact that effective communication is one of the qualities of excellent leaders. It is a sign of poor communication skills



Top 10 Benefits of yoga for men

Yoga is as effective and beneficial to males as it is for women. Some people believe that yoga is only for ladies to enhance beauty. Yoga positively combines benefits to body, mind, spirit, and soul. It promotes energy, physical and mental well-being. A lot of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, blood


The Cause and Effect of Health and Fitness in Your Life

Our lives are controlled by cause and effect. It’s the basic principle that one action can lead to another, ultimately determining our overall well-being. Our lives are controlled by cause and effect. It’s the basic principle that one action can lead to another, ultimately determining our overall well-being. When it


The Art of Pollarding: A Guide to Pruning Trees

Pollarding is a traditional pruning technique that has been used for centuries to shape and manage trees. This method of pruning involves cutting back the tree to a certain point, allowing new growth to develop. In this article, we will explore the benefits of pollarding, the best time to do


Can Osteopathy help Fibromyalgia?

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of osteopathy for fibromyalgia and how it can be incorporated into a comprehensive treatment plan. Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by widespread pain, fatigue, and tenderness in specific locations on the body. While

How to Teach Yourself How to Knit

Knitting is a cute craft suitable for everyone, regardless of age or skills. It is a healthy hobby since it allows one to meditate, be creative, and be eco-minded. Also, once you become good at it, you can make a decent income from this activity. Learning how to knit may

How To Teach Yourself To Play Chess

Chess is a game that is universally known as an ideal platform for practicing critical thinking skills. The board game centers around 6 distinct pieces and a playing board of 64 squares of alternating colors, typically black and white. While competing, players will engage in a tension-filled tension and reaction


Teach Yourself How To Write A Novel

If you are reading this, you are probably contemplating strategies to actualize your aspiration to write a novel. Writing a novel may seem daunting for a beginner but the rudimentary reason for doing it is rather full of creativity and inspiration. If you are wondering how you can be a


How to keep Your Cat Happy

Indoor cats have a distinct way of life from their outdoor counterparts. While they are safe from environmental hazards like as automobiles, other animals, and extreme weather, they might get bored and unhappy if not properly stimulated. As a cat owner, you must ensure that your indoor cat is happy


3 Bad Habits To Quit For Better Mental Health

We all have regular habits in our lives that can lift us up or put us down. Certain coping strategies, such as practising meditation or exercising to relieve stress, can help you navigate the world around you. But other coping strategies – like substance abuse and eating disorders – may